About us

DesignLancer, established in 2013 is a UK, Manchester based “All Purpose Web Development Agency”.

Created by Paul and Rahul who were already working as high end software development management, DesignLancer was born from a passion to deliver outstanding website and marketing work to businesses of all sizes at affordable rates.

With experienced leaders at the helm and an all star ensemble of talented freelancers contributing towards the DesignLancer projects, the inflated cost of web development which has seen many companies fail to get a satisfying return on investment will shortly become a thing of the past.

With a business model that operates in a way that fits suitable personnel to individual projects, the staggering cost of having quality in house staff is removed and thus, the savings are passed on to you.

DesignLancer only offer services that they have 100% confidence in delivering at a level of excellence and treat every client with the respect they and their business deserve.

In an industry where technical jargon occasionally creates communicational barriers, the DesignLancer approach of offering sound advice in a simplistic manner is one that should be more widely used.

Their keen attention to detail, drive to make every project a success and constant will to push companies further above their companies is what truly separates them from the rest.

Creating a business that provides plenty of convenience to other businesses also accounts for a sizeable part of their vision.

Drawing on their own experiences of using sub standard workers and employees that ultimately do more harm than good, DesignLancer have not only set the bar high in terms of work standards but customer care as well.

Everything from payment terms to pre and post project support has been carefully thought out to give any DesignLancer client a positive lasting impression that will see them coming back for more innovations for years to come.

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