Every website needs hosting and for that reason, there are literally thousands of providers out there ready to take on your site (or sites) at a moments notice.

The DesignLancer team have toyed with the idea of having their own hosting service but ultimately, we felt that our time was better used elsewhere and the dedicated support website owners can get from dedicated hosting companies is worth paying for.

If you're using one of our recommended hosts then common problems like websites not working, slow loading times (which can effect your search engine rankings) and poor support in your hour of need won't exist and that will make your life an awful lot easier.

When it comes to selecting who should host your website all you really need is something affordable (in relation to the size of your website), something reliable (again, in relation to the size of your website) and somebody trustworthy.

It's not really any more complicated than that so here is what we recommend...

Small/Medium Business

If you have a small or medium sized business that you anticipate will see between several hundred to the low thousands (remember it's quality not quantity) visit each month then something like HostGator will be absolutely perfect for you.

They're the most popular web host in the world and could be described as a “cheap and cheerful” solution to your web hosting needs.

Expect to pay somewhere around $20/month (£12-£13 in UK money) for their services.

They have a really simple admin panel which we can help you get started with and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week live support so if you do have any questions you can ask the advice of a technical assistant.

If you have serious ambitions and expect to be driving thousands and thousands of visitors to your site in just a few months time then starting with HostGator and then moving later can be troublesome.

Our advice is to only use HostGator if you're in a small niche as big businesses will outgrow HostGator very quickly and the additional headache of moving server is not one that you'll want as you really start to take off.

Ambitious Business Hosting

For the entrepreneur with a site (or perhaps multiple sites) that they can foresee receiving huge amounts of traffic we recommend a hosting provider called RackSpace.

RackSpace host several Fortune 500 companies sites and they're incredibly reliable in all areas and pricewise, $149/month (approx £100/month) for their cloudsites package is terrific value.

Proper technical support is on hand all the time and their interface is tidy and comfortable to manage.

With dedicated departments for UK and US businesses and a sound understanding of what doing serious business on the web is all about, they're our top rated provider.

It will be a long time before you outgrow them and they're well set up to adapt to any changes you make whilst you're with them thanks to their innovative control panel.

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