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Mobile Applications are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to not only attract new business but also look after repeat customers as well.

With smartphone users downloading by the bucket load and every single one of these on the look out for an app that can make their life a little easier, the electronic marketplaces provide fantastic opportunities for anyone with a good idea.

In recent times, the lure of apps with novelty value has fallen by the wayside and functionality is now key.

At DesignLancer, our team assemble reliable apps that are fit for the purpose and know exactly how to get customers to respond.

Creating an app that suits everyone's needs is tricky business but our recipe for success ensures that you're looked after as well as your customers.

We think about providing solutions for both sides of the coin and this is the recipe we use to kickstart your business in the world of digital media. Understanding Entrepreneurship

App development has become a serious playing field for entrepreneurs all over the world as the relatively untouched market which is still in its very early days provides plenty of room for top quality ideas and innovations that can satisfy the hungry crowd.

DesignLancer is a company built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and every single one of our 60+ strong team has experience in entrepreneurship.

We work with you as well as for you and our ethos on everything from work ethic to design will ensure your initial vision is well matched.

Realizing ideas is what we do and it doesn't matter if you're looking to build something tasteful to a niche crowd or the next Angry Birds, we have the resources to meet those needs. iPhone/Android

It might be assumed that developing an app for both markets is almost the same job and whilst the core of the app can be left the same, subtle changes need to be made to offer customers an excellent level of convenience on both platforms.

We insist that businesses cater to both users of the Apple iPhone and the vast number of Android supported phones as put bluntly, the second you rule out one of these potential markets, you're leaving money on the table.

Our process is all about drawing up the best possible app at the concept stage and then working out the ins and outs of functionality, aesthetics and response for both markets.

By doing this we ensure maximum reach and exposure as well as a positive all round experience that doesn't depend on what phone the app is downloaded on.

These careful considerations are just one of the many things that separate the DesignLancer programmers from the rest!

Created For Purpose

It's sad to say that the vast majority of apps available in the respective stores never see a download and the root cause of that is failing to build for any rhyme or reason. When businesses decide they need an app because their competitors are doing so and therefore it must be lucrative, the result is usually a sub standard application that has really only been created for egotistical reasons.

DesignLancer think about what the real target of building your app is and then construct a plan of action which is not only going to get you a lot of exposure, but also a healthy response and it's response that we're really after.

It's not enough to venture into the world of mobile technology with blind ambition, you need a stellar strategy and application that provides more value to your potential downloaders than your competition.

This philosophy is simple at the core but mightily effective.


You may of seen this word mentioned already but it is an integral part of mobile app development and without, nothing can be achieved.

Functionality, functionality, functionality.

It's the name of the game.

You may have the best idea the world has ever seen, you may have a concept that you know has the potential to hit millions of downloads but without the user being able to comfortably use your app, you will fall short of your targets.

The marketplace is littered with hundreds and thousands of clunky apps that probably started out as fantastic ideas.

Nobody sets out to make a terrible app but skimming on the cost of developers, poor preparation in the planning stage and a general lack of market knowledge see plenty fail.

Avoiding this pitfall is an absolute must and we urge people with terrific concepts to contact us today.

Looks That Kill

We've stressed the importance of functionality enough and although the user experience is what really counts, we don't like building ugly apps. Aesthetics play a huge role in the success of an application and whilst we're willing to compromise and sacrifice a bit in the way of looks to increase response, we still like to create apps of real beauty. The likes of colour, how the menu looks, what font your content is in and so on all contribute to how popular your app is and we'll make sure even the smallest details are designed to suit your companies brand image.

Combining functionality with gorgeous aesthetics is how the DesignLancer team create the most flawless mobile phone applications they possibly can. There are some areas of marketing and product development where it is possible to go with the cheapest provider and still get results but mobile application certainly isn't one of them. The amount of knowledge that is required to make much loved apps for touchscreen technology is staggering and only the very best can turn ideas into something that is right in front of your very eyes in a matter of weeks.

And if you had not of guessed already, DesignLancer is the home of some of those people...

Get in touch with us today to speak to our expert application development department about how your latest idea can be available to download in the not too distant future...

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