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Our Technical Divisons

The DesignLancer team is packed with the heavy artillery you need to successfully take on the big bad world and whilst we won't reveal our team for the obvious reason they're our greatest asset, we'll talk you through who does what and why they're qualified to take on your project.

Web Design

A lot of our clients start from the ground up and for that reason, we need a web design team that ensure their new era starts with a BANG.

Qualified experts in everything from eCommerce solutions to WordPress customization, the team will ensure that everything you need to be commercially successful is in place.

Your vision, your message and your brand will be brought to life with a website that will stand the test of time.

Everything from ensuring that the admin panel is something that you can personally manage (if you so choose that route) to the colour scheme will be tastefully chosen so that the aesthetically pleasing look is complimented with creative functionality.

With immense pride being taken in the design itself, we also look to build websites that deliver as much customer response as possible.

Creating websites that not only look great but are also aided by strategies to convert leads into buyers is something the DesignLancer team pay special attention too and this undervalued way of designing websites can be the difference between converting 1% and 5%.

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Web Development

Businesses that already have a website of sufficient quality for their purposes can still take advantage of the skills that our Web Development team have to offer.

Their wealth of experience has contributed to many websites increased levels of success and if you know full well that you're lacking that killer edge then you simply have to talk to us today.

Nearly all websites could benefit from a bit of tender loving care in the web development area and a lot of the time, our experts can provide you with a few more pieces of the jigsaw you need to really turn up the heat on your competitors.

Copywriting & Web Content

Strictly speaking any form of content falls under the web development category but with the likes of search engines and potential customers putting huge emphasis on what your website says we've hired a team specifically for that reason.

Writing to sell, writing to persuade and writing to inform are all completely different kettles of fish and with several writers on board who all specialise in slightly different areas, quality content is always delivered from DesignLancer.

The all UK team are ready to work for you and if you want to see just how good their work is, well, they wrote this whole site!


If there was ever a job where only the finest professionals really cut the mustard then SEO it is.

Dealing with the rapidly changing world of Search Engine Optimisation is a job that very few can say they're genuinely good at and thankfully, we've managed to persuade some of them to join the DesignLancer team.

Their knowledge in developing long term, sustainable strategies is second to none and with expertise in both Local SEO & Global SEO, the infrastructure is here and readily available so you can start making waves.

What most people think they know about SEO, they've already forgotten and with proven track records for ranking sites in the “money positions” and more importantly, keeping them there, there is no reason why you should consider any other team.

App Development

If there is one area of the company that we're most proud of creating it's the App Development sector as to put it bluntly, this team is beyond talented.

With experience in both building for the iPhone and Android markets, Apps are created with both marketplaces in mind.

Aesthetics, touchscreen friendly functions and a positive experience for the end-user are just some of the considerations that are made to how the app is built and with our “Pay As You Go” option, you can ensure that the app does everything you want it to and more before you've even paid the bill.

Feel free to speak to us about your mobile needs any time and we'll gladly start drawing up some ideas!

Product & Software Development

Many businesses need very specific technology to enhance their operation and DesignLancer know first hand how effective customized software and product development can be to streamlining a business.

When it comes to Product & Software Development every request is hugely different from the last and for that reason, we keep a healthy number of product and software developers on our books so that every requirement can be handled.

Software Development for both Mac & Windows is available and our team can work within the confines of your existing technology so you don't have unnecessary headaches by switching over to new platforms.

If you contact us today the team will take on board your requirements and suggest the best way to proceed moving forward.

This free advice will put you closer to realizing your online ambitions and we guarantee that we'll find a favourable solution for you.

Internet Marketing

A lot of our services revolve heavily around Internet Marketing practices and we have specialists on hand to help with everything from Social Media marketing to increasing your online visibility through the likes of Pay Per Click advertising .

Internet Marketing has many divisions to it and every business should be looking to utilize as many of these divisions as possible.

Our well oiled experts know what sort of Internet Marketing works for what kind of company and this knowledge alone will not only make you money but also save you money as you won't have to waste a dime on pursuing strategies that won't work.

Putting your website in front of hyper targeted visitors who are looking to spend money is what this set of accomplished people do and providing you have the infrastructure to convert many of these visitors into buyers, you'll love investing your money here.

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