Our Support

Without excellent pre and post project support a successful mission can't be completed and that's why we take just as much care in looking after you as we do with the work itself.

An ongoing understanding is required to truly serve you the best solutions and by encouraging interpersonal relationships and opening up several forms of communication, we feel our support is second to none.

The line between a hugely successful project and a failed one is certainly smaller in the world of web development than elsewhere and fast response with accurate answers is necessary to keep a project flowing nicely.

With a manager assigned to every project, you have one on one contact with an expert day in, day out.

The managers are backed up by extremely knowledgeable professionals in every sector so on the off chance we can't answer a complex question right away, we'll be able to find someone who can.

Finding workable solutions to all problems is at the core of what we do here at DesignLancer and we give you every assurance that you'll be looked after before you're a client and long after.

Email and Skype support are available for anyone who wishes to discuss aspects of their project and our team are always happy to help.

Our friendly team make approaching us a thing of ease.

Try it today by dropping us an email, adding us on Skype or picking up the phone!

You'll be glad you did...

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