Payment & Invoicing

Payment and invoicing

Being at complete ease with the company that are in charge of driving you and your business forward is pivotal to an enjoyable working environment for both parties.

One of the ways we do this is to provide a payment option that suits you as well as us.

We don't believe in charging huge amounts up front and then leaving our clients in the dark until the end product arrives – we do things differently.

Your project will be broken down into three stages and with that, three easy payments.

Only when you're happy that your vision is being successfully brought to reality by our team is the next payment due.

You'll have a chance to take a look at the inner workings and see how we're spending our time improving your business.

Best of all, your final payment isn't billed until the project is 100% done and dusted so until you agree that we've done an excellent job with your trust, you won't be billed.

Larger projects can be broken down into further stages so that you're always kept in the loop.

Special payment requirements can also be discussed and agreed to on a case by case basis.

We accept several forms of payment and generally accept anything that is convenient for the client.

With a keen role in the online world, PayPal is our most commonly used form of payment.

Bank transfers, cheques and credit/debit cards can also be used.

Paper invoices are available at request and online invoices are delivered instantly after payment is complete.

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