Why SEO Is A Long Term Game

SEO companies that offer fast results at competitive prices are often surrounded by copious amounts of scepticism and the simple reason for that is that the scepticism is warranted.

When you start an SEO campaign there is always an element of trying to “game the system”. There has to be as that is how the algorithms work but there are still ways to go about it and the right way is never to plan for the short term.

SEO experts know exactly what the search engines want and once that knowledge is acquired, results can be achieved but even then, there are many variables and unknowns that can lead to a prolonged period of time before success is achieved.

Anyone that tells you they can 100% guarantee they will achieve the results you desire within a relatively short time frame is trying to take you for a ride – this is a fact and there are absolutely no two ways about it.

The only guarantee when it comes to SEO is that you'll get exactly what you deserve at some point in time and this works for both sides of the coin.

If you're producing fantastic content that blows the competition away and is known to be of extreme value to the people reading it then you will start to leave your competition in the dust.

If you decide that poor content is good enough and Google (as well as other search engines) start to notice that readers don't really hang around on your site you will slowly start to fall off the face of the internet earth.

Of course other elements of SEO like link building, on page factors, keyword selection and so on play a part in the speed of your success or imminent failure but even the best SEO specialists in the world can't decipher how long ranking for any particular keyword is going to take.

What they can do is make success an inevitable destiny over time and at Design Lancer we do that by knowing Google wants the following things :-

  • They want to trust us (Age, stability, links)
  • They want to know that when they send someone to a website, the user is getting the most relevant information (Optimised Content)
  • They want other sites to back up their own opinion (Linkbuilding)

In the midst of all the complexities that surround SEO, their needs are actually incredibly simple and the whole process could be compared to that of being a human.

There are a million and one distractions in life but at the core, humans will always be pretty happy if they have shelter, food and love and the search engines are just looking for their own proven formula of happiness – if you give it to them, they can't ignore you.

Other companies may try and blind you with a diverse range of SEO jargon that makes no sense to anyone outside the field and they do this because it's easy to make the whole process sound ridiculously difficult and then blame the difficulty for poor results.

At Design Lancer, we keep things simple and fully understand that the best results are sustainable results and long term SEO will work for you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.

The second you have established yourself as a trustworthy website, everything else falls very neatly into place.

You'll find yourself appearing near the top (or at the very top!) of the first page for numerous keywords that are highly related to the business you're in.

You'll find that any time you add new content to your website you'll receive good, steady rankings for the keywords you have optimised for and is one of the ways many companies achieve a fantastic return on investment from their SEO campaigns.

Big players like Amazon, eBay & CNET to name a few rely very heavily on there already established authority.

It's no coincidence that when new products hit the market, these sites regularly appear near the top of the search results with no effort as Google knows their content is going to satisfy their users.

Most businesses will be doing this on a much smaller scale but the proof is in the pudding, establishing yourself as a reputable website right from the get go plays dividends for years and years.

Long term SEO plans also yield fruitful results in terms of LSI keywords which is arguably the most reliable form of generating leads out there today.

Any business that looks in detail at where their web traffic is coming from will notice a massive influx of visitors who search for keywords they'd never even considered marketing for and this is as important as ranking well for your main keywords as these longtail variations provide some of the most laser targeted prospects you'll ever receive.

All of the above is only achieved by proper stability and a well thought out plan as the lifetime value of a customer multiplied by finding new life long customers regularly is how the real power of SEO is unleashed and very tidy returns on investments are made...

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