Content With Internal/External Linking

Take a look at any well-established website and you'll notice that top quality content with internal and external links are here, there and everywhere and that's because the search engines love this kind of content.

Why? Because a site that is actively looking to offer its readership further solutions to their problems both internally and externally it’s a site that the search engines can rely on.

Creating web content that speaks to both the customer and the search engines is an underappreciated art.

Several factors play a role in doing this and once you understand what these are it becomes a lot easier to build a content infrastructure that is going to work for you and work for you long term.

The vast majority of writing is done for one purpose and the second you combine a second purpose everything becomes that little more difficult.

A journalist who has to write a single piece to be published for two different newspapers now has two different demographics to think about and already has restricted freedom.

Of course he/she can still do a magnificent job providing they can adapt to the situation.

And that's precisely what writing for the web is all about. You have to combine the ability to engage the reader and really hit home with the ability to write content that the search engines will like as without both factors, you have nothing.

It's a classic chicken and egg situation.

If you write for the reader and forget the search engines there is no guarantee a reader will ever stumble across the content.

If you write entirely for the search engines then it's unlikely that the reader will be impressed enough to buy.

So what do you do?

You accommodate both parties and here's how we do it...

For The Reader/Potential Customer/Potential Client

Before we write anything, anything at all we establish exactly who it is we're talking too.

The second this understanding exists, the confidence that what we're going to produce is going to do both jobs is there.

Let's look at an example...

(We call this empathy mapping by the way).

If our client owns a car dealership that sells top end cars we can safely assume that their ideal customers are wealthy, intelligent shoppers who know exactly what they want for their money.

These customers have good jobs, the next car they buy will be part of their identity and they want to make a statement when they spend £50,000 on a vehicle.

We want to speak directly to these people through our content.

We know the competition are going to say they offer “Great Prices”, “Excellent Customer Care” and a “Free Test Drive” as their unique selling points which is all well and good but they're hardly writing content that makes them stand out as the market leaders.

This is important because shoppers these days are clever. They don't just look at one site and buy, they shop around and this places into our hands because we know that our competitors are going to say much of a muchness so by the time the customer reaches us and sees content that is A) different and B) music to their ears it's almost a done deal there and then.

Design Lancer has a talented writing team that understand this inside out.

Speaking To The Search Engines

Establishing that bond with the customer is arguably the more important aspect but forget the search engines and they'll forget you.

With that in mind, every page of your website needs to be set up in a way that is going to generate the most eyeballs looking at what you have to offer and to do this you need to hypothetically whisper sweet nothings in the search engines ear.

Linking to other pages is a fantastic way to do this and when you link out to other pages with hyper-linked keywords then you're really talking.

This not only works as a great way to build trust and credibility to your site (which in turn increases your online exposure) but also subtly tells the search engines what keywords you'd like to be considered for.

Take a look at your competitors; it's very unlikely they're doing this and that fact alone should encourage you to take the bull by the horns and start building an unassailable content lead today...

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