Google places

Google places

When you search for “Accountants In Manchester” on Google the results look like this and as you can see from our nifty little screenshot, Google Places dominates a large part of the results.

And that should be all the evidence you need to see to realize that having your business well marketed on Google Places is now an absolute necessity – especially for the really lucrative keywords.

Google Places caters to two crowds, web users and mobile phone users and the latter is a pool of potential customers that is growing exponentially.

The whole world and his dog now has a smartphone with the ability to browse the web from anywhere but the most remote locations.

That means that anyone on the move in any city, town or even village in the UK could be looking for a solution to their problems on the move!

In fact, mobile browsing is set to become such a big part of how the world operates that search engines are already gearing themselves up to penalize sites that are not mobile friendly. But even before these changes really come to the party, Google Places will remain an all mighty, all powerful to reach dozens of customers and if you still think you can live without it now then you probably won't in a few minutes.

Google Places should be considered the phone directory of the modern day. People from generations gone by used to trust the Yellow Pages for the best providers and now they, as well as the current generation trust Google Places.

At heart, it is really just a modern day phonebook after all. It just comes in a slightly different package.

No business worth their salt would of considered not advertising themselves in the Yellow Pages a few years go as it would have been seriously detrimental to their results.

Now no business worth their salt can consider not putting themselves on Google Places, the reach GP can achieve is just too great.

It's the substantial reach that Google Places achieves that really separates it from anything else out there.

A solid SEO campaign will deliver results and Google Places will add the icing to an already juicy cake because it rears its head in places you'd never thought to market too.

Google as a company has been created to offer users the most relevant results. It doesn't matter if it's adverts, listings, videos etc. - it's looking to put relevant information in front of its millions of users all the time and for many, many searches, displaying local businesses is the best way to proceed.

The substantial reach combined with its ability to tap in to the already popular mobile phone marketing area makes it unmissable and as the times continue to change at a rate of knots, new business from sources like Google Places will slowly become an indispensable source of income.

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