Local SEO

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for many is at the forefront of their internet marketing strategy and there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be at the forefront of yours either.

Businesses should now consider a strong web presence as a necessity as opposed to a luxury.

Customers that shop around for the best price, product or service on the web are no longer a commodity you can take or leave – you have to take them as if you don't, your competition will.

We fully understand that on paper, the prospect of working your way round Google's complex algorithms and rules is daunting and to a certain degree we agree but if you understand the nature of the beast, you can tame it relatively easily.

SEO has and always will be a battle that is won over an extended period of time and whilst the fly-by-night SEO company that offers excellent results quickly but delivers nothing has become all too common, we're pleased to say that at Design Lancer, our strategies are performing as well as ever.

It's the understanding that the real rewards from SEO come from hard work month in, month out that separates us from the chasing pack.

Quality is timeless and establishing yourself as a dominant force in the local search engines takes time and plenty of it so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Let's quickly talk about how Design Lancer achieve these results without too much technical jargon...


The first step on the SEO journey is to decide which keywords are going to provide the best return on investment.

Keywords simplified are the words and phrases that you'd like your website to appear in the search engines for.

As an example, “Accountant in Manchester” would be a lucrative phrase to appear for if you own an accountancy firm.

Typically there will be several of these keyword phrases that make a lot of sense to go after and our keyword research phase will reveal exactly what's going to work best long term.

We look for the most relevant keywords and then start the SEO process.

LSI Keywords

LSI keywords (short for Latent Sematic Indexing) is one of the best kept web marketing secrets out there today and building a site with plenty of them is something that should be standard procedure.

Similar to keywords, LSI keywords are basically longer keywords that are not worth investing money on directly but still deliver business.

LSI keywords don't get as many searches as main keywords but if you scatter your site with enough of them, the smaller amount of traffic they bring in soon mounts up.

As an example, “Accountant In Manchester” might be the keyword you really want but “Small business accountant in Manchester area” is also a phrase that can generate revenue.

This sort of traffic is rewarded to you by doing the three factors below very well and as your site grows in credibility and stature each month, you'll find that the search engines want to send more and more people to your site.

Content (On-Page SEO)

You can never have too much quality content and in the eyes of every single search engine, content is king.

Other factors are considered and we'll get to those in a moment but without content that not only reads well to your customers but also speaks to the search engines, the other factors simply don't matter.

Engaging content that makes the competition look inferior is a must and of course, creating content to aid your geographical location helps too.


Linkbuilding is a term that you may be familiar with and although there are elements of linkbuilding which are very complex, for the most part it's a fairly straight forward process to get your head around.

Websites need links because links equate to trust in the eyes of the search engines.

If other websites are linking to yours, you must be a trustworthy site and the more links a site has, the more their link to you is worth.

Think of links like votes. A vote of confidence from Amazon is going to be worth much more than a vote of confidence from a company you have never heard of and therefore picking up the high value “votes” is the secret to prolonged success in what is known as the SERP's.

Our expert link builders combine quality content with quality links to devastating effect.

We're essentially feeding the search engines exactly what they want and because we do things the right way from the very start, it becomes very difficult for the likes of Google not to love the websites we work on.

Geographical Considerations

When it comes to SEO, targeting the global market and local markets are very similar in the sense that the same fundamental rules for success apply but the subtle changes we make are ultimately the difference between appearing in front of the right prospects and strangers.

We want the search engines to know exactly where you're conducting your business so that every single person that visits your website is laser targeted.

Local SEO is all about generating quality leads. In the global marketplace you can rely heavily on producing huge volumes of traffic and converting a small percentage but locally, every lead should be one that you have the utmost confidence in converting.

We build campaigns around trying to get the exact type of customer you want through the door and zoning in on location is an excellent way to do that.

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