Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, for many, the catalyst that is responsible for a large majority of their online success and for others, a dream marketing plan that remains a mythological creature due to poor practice and execution.

SEO success evades many simply because they back the wrong horse. Many claim to understand the inner workings of the Google algorithms and many promise outstanding results but since the internet began, very few have actually delivered results and that is why SEO and scepticism go hand in hand.

At DesignLancer, we're looking to make this apparent scepticism a thing of the past and we're going to do that by combining the old fashioned principles of SEO success with a few modern day twists.

Our team of highly skilled web developers, content creators, researches and link builders effortlessly combine to build manageable SEO campaigns that are tailored to your businesses key demographics.

With the ability to target only the most rewarding keywords and then execute everything that is needed to sky rocket your rankings, the DesignLancer SEO team can play a integral role in increasing your online presence.

The guys work tirelessly to ensure that every stage of the SEO process is well monitored and well maintained so that your company achieves the exposure it deserves.

No matter what line of business you're in, DesignLancer can match your ambitions and enthusiasm for providing customers with the best possible solutions to their problems and create campaigns that exist to serve multi dimensional purposes.

Our affordable monthly services ensure fantastic returns on investment can be achieved and that your web based income stream exists for a very long time thanks to our endurable white hat SEO style. Speak To Us Today On INSERT NUMBER HERE if any of the below services sound like something your business could benefit from... Local SEO

Many businesses rely heavily on either local businesses or local people walking through their door and this makes our Local SEO service our most popular by a cross country mile.

Optimising websites through traditional SEO techniques and adding a flavour of geographical influence to our work is the simplest way to describe how we achieve results in the often competitive battle for local custom.

Even in the 21st century, very few businesses are genuinely unleashing the power of SEO for one reason or another and the huge influx of potential business that a sturdy online campaign can deliver is not something that should be disregarded lightly.

Investing money in this key area is something you'll still be reaping the rewards from in several years time as an established website that speaks to the search engines is always deemed trustworthy and trust equates to more targeted visitors taking a look at what you have to offer.

Global SEO

In businesses where location isn't so important, targeting national, continental or global search engine rankings can provide massive amounts of leads and consistently keep money coming through the door.

Businesses that already deal with clients from all over the world will already be well equipped to start a Global SEO campaign and much like how we optimise for local businesses, long term, sustainable results are at the core of what we want to achieve.

Aside from the fact that Global SEO doesn't require much in the way of geographical considerations, the main difference is the increased level of difficulty due to the volume of competition.

Page 1 positions for ANY keyword that has the potential to make money are not easy to come by but by reverse engineering what the competition are doing and then doing it slightly better, DesignLancer always has the utmost confidence results will be more than satisfactory over an extended period of time.

A Quick Discussion about your project, the industry you're in and what you'd like to achieve from enhanced search engine visibility is all we need to take the first step to driving your business forward and our SEO experts have terrific track records of ranking for some of the most competitive terms known to man!

Keyword Research & Analysis

Finding the most relevant keywords for your business is a relatively straight forward task but it still needs to be done properly and that's what we do.

What we also offer however is that extra in depth analysis of potential keywords and this allows us to not only target the most relevant but also the most lucrative in terms of converting visitors to buyers (and no, the relevancy and lucrativeness are not mutually exclusive).

Our team of experts hand pick the keywords that people are using to BUY.

We continually look to drive quality traffic through are SEO efforts as 600 Buyers on your website a month is better than 6,000 Window Shoppers!

An overview of the keywords and phrases we plan to target is provided as standard so from the moment we start your SEO campaign, you know exactly what we're targeting and why we're doing it.


Linkbuilding structure contributes approximately 75% towards the success of your SEO campaign and this is the #1 area where most so called “experts” go wrong.

Getting everything on your website set up so that the linkbuilding can have a devastating effect is of course just as important as anything else but the type of links you need, the speed they're built and the varying kind of links (known as link diversity) your site has pointing to it are all factors that need to be implemented in the right way.

DesignLancer employs a team who are only interested in feeding good links to your site.

The nasty cheap links that are purchased in quantity by unethical webmasters are known to do more harm than good to your site and whilst it is possible to achieve short term results by using these “black hat” methods, further down the line you will run into problems.

Google is smart and knows exactly when websites are trying to manipulate them into giving them higher rankings than they deserve.

They don't always clock on right away and that's why even now you see some terrible websites at the top of the page for some searches.

However, quality is timeless and when you feed Google and other search engines what they want, they know that you're going to provide the best solutions for their searchers and that is when your exposure increases.

We've seen excellent sites take a little while to get the exposure they deserve but ultimately, quality always rises and that's why every aspect of our SEO campaigns are designed to ensure all our clients come out on top eventually.

On Page Set Up

The other 25% of work that goes into building a commercial SEO structure comes from what you On Page.

In other words, what's actually on your website and how well it is optimised for your chosen keywords.

Many would argue that On Page factors actually contribute more than the suggested 25% since Google amongst others switched their attention heavily towards sites that provided great content. In days gone by, by simply having unique readable content your site would do well but really, that's not the case any more.

Stuffing your website with keywords in the hope Google think it's majorly relevant is a very poor strategy and although widely used still, it's not really working for anyone.

Content that is not only unique but also moderately optimised is the real key here and if you can squeeze providing outstanding value to the reader into that content like the DesignLancer team can then you're onto a winner.

We can almost guarantee that your competition will not be leverage the power of web content at this moment in time – it remains one of the last open secrets in the SEO world but businesses tend to prefer to sell their clients on fancy link building packages and a whole host of other stuff that excites.

Writing will never be the most exciting way to invest your money but its an investment that pays for itself several times over with minimum fuss.

Internal Linking/External Linking

Another contributing factor towards how well a site does in the SERPS is the amount of content they link to from their site.

Both Internal Links & External Links have unique advantages and much like everything else we do at DesignLancer, it's these small details that we really make count.

Internal Links are links that link to other pages of YOUR own website.

External Links are links that link to other pages of OTHER websites.

They're effective because Google sees them as a website going the extra mile to help their visitors find a solution to their problems and the simple addition of a few of these on your website can be enough to give your rankings a major boost!

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