Video Marketing

One of the latest trends happening right now is the use of video and more specifically, video marketing.

Many companies are now using video ahead of direct copywriting to display what their business does and the benefits of using them but are we really moving into an era where old fashioned methods are less effective and inferior to the response video can achieve?

The short answer is that in many ways, yes we are but catering towards both crowds is still essential.

Video Marketing On Your Website

We can't argue with the fact that to many demographics, video is far more effective – especially the younger crowd.

The decision to commit to watching an entertaining two minute video is a lot easier than committing to reading through an entire website or a lengthy sales page.

We certainly don't have any qualms there.

The problem is, it's a smaller percentage of people that are likely to prefer video as it for all intents and purposes, pretty sales heavy.

In a world where everyone is subjected to hours of TV commercials on a weekly basis, video can still be met with a negative response .

Many people will hit the “X” at the first sign of sound or movement and users bouncing off your site is unlikely to be healthy in the long term.

Ideally you want everyone to see your message and that means putting it across in ways that are going to suit as many people as possible.

If you're in an industry where you know people are going to watch the video more often than not then excellent.

If you're in an industry where people are not going to respond to lengthy sales descriptions because the product or service is simple then even better.

But if you're in an industry where your customer profile varies hugely then eliminating a form of engaging with a prospect is going to mean you'll take a hit.

No ifs, no buts.

You should already have an understanding of who your ideal customers are and this should tell you everything you need to know about whether video marketing is going to be more effective than copywriting on your website...

Bringing In YouTube Traffic

Not many people think of YouTube as a powerful Video marketing medium but the fact is, it's the second biggest search engine in the world and only Google receives more queries then the video juggernaut.

That means that there are a wealth of potential customers on there everyday and better still, they're within reach if you know what you're doing...

The truly great thing about YouTube is that people that use it don't just watch one video, they watch several and even if they're not directly looking for you they might stumble across your channel whilst browsing for related videos (and YouTube does a fantastic job of recommending them other videos they may enjoy).

When it comes to YouTube, you really just want a presence that displays the nice side of your business.

Things like tours round your premises, meeting the staff and perhaps a little online voucher code to offer watchers an incentive is all you need to be successful.

We're not saying you'll receive a billion hits overnight and go viral but you will receive views and they'll steadily come in for years to come.

You can also link to your website from your video description page and add keywords so that you appear for certain searches.

The other bonus is that videos now show up in search engines so if you've optimised your video properly you may well end up ranking on Google's 1st page for keywords you'd never even thought of.

So To Conclude...

Ultimately, video marketing can be hugely effective but it is rather dependant on what industry you're in and how you're going to use the videos in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

When combined with the likes of social media it can have a hugely positive influence on your sales but you absolutely must have a demographic that are known to watch video to use it effectively.

Any further video marketing related questions can be answered by our team and we always welcome inquiries from new customers as well as old...

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