Converting PSD to HTML

Converting PSD to HTML is tricky business (just take a look at the numerous online tutorials if you don't believe us) so it is an area that can genuinely only be handled by experts.

Despite its complexity, building a website using PSD files and then converting them into HTML remains a popular choice as the process leads to very aesthetically pleasing designs.

If you're unfamiliar with PSD, it's essentially a way to creat graphic files. Think Adobe Photoshop and you're half way there.

Of course this excellent for designing beautiful websites that convert visitors into buyers but in its PSD file phase, it's nothing more than a picture.

Functionality is needed to bring the website to life and in order to get your lovely design working like a proper website, the files need to be converted to HTML and that's where we come in.

Converting the PSD file to HTML is actually a relatively straight forward task for people that speak that language.

We say “straight forward” in relation to the average Web Development job, it's still a million miles away from hitting a couple of buttons and job done.

The job of our team is to monitor the transition period from PSD to HTML to the point where everything is working perfectly and you have all the advantages of sites using other platforms have.

Firstly, the website has to be viewable in any browser.

Google Chrome, Firefox and IE all have slightly different frames and if your website doesn't look right on any of these browsers, you're losing business.

Secondly, we need to make a technological decision.

This comes down to “tables vs divs”.

We usually build the website with divs for the simple reason that pages load faster with this technology but in some cases, we'll go with tables if it suits the end users requirements more.

Thirdly, we'll make sure that your site is compliant with current regulations.

No need to break the rules if you don't have to and a few simple tweaks will be enough to ensure the web police don't suddenly take a disliking to your site.

Finally, we'll edit the code in HTML so that all the links on your site work.

Navigational links, sidebar links, homepage links, social media links, shopping links – they all have to function for your website to function and this bit of coding is done through either DreamWeaver or Notepad for best results.

Once this is all done, your site will be ready to go live and from here, you can make any changes needed to assist the likes of yout SEO efforts and conversion strategies.

We'll make sure everything is working correctly from a technical point of view and then we'll leave the site in your trusty hands to make it a success!

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