They say that New York is “The City That Never Sleeps” and just like NY, nor does the internet.

Millions of buyers flock to the world wide web to make purchases day and night.

No longer do you have to be restricted by traditional working hours, sales can be made at any time and a slick eCommerce website is everything you need to provide your customers with what they want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's survival of the fittest in the eCommerce world and only the finest websites can compete with the big players.

Needless to say, at DesignLancer we don't consider building anything below a certain level of excellence.

It would be a waste of our time as well as yours.

Good just isn't good enough anymore.

You could liken it to two top players.

One is ranked number 3 in the world.

The other is ranked number 21 in the world.

They have both been playing since they were very young.

They both train every hour God sends.

Neither of them would lose so much of a point against the average player.

Yet when they play each other, the small margin of difference will see the world number 3 run away with victory comfortably.

Moreover, when the world number 3 has to play the world number 1, that small margin becomes even smaller.

And Guess what?

That very small margin will (more than likely) result in a comfortable win for the world number 1.

So, what's our point?

If your competition, your rivals, the “other guys” who are responsible for taking food away from your table are just a bit better than you, you can fall behind very, very quickly.

That makes having a web presence and more to the point, a well oiled eCommerce site an absolute necessity.

If you can't take orders online, you're losing business.

If your customers can't navigate their way round your site, you're losing business.

If your site doesn't convert targeted visitors into BUYERS, you're losing business.

If your competitors can do all of the above, you've guessed it, you're losing business.

Thankfully, we have a simple solution.

It's as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email and discussing your requirements.

When you do that, one of the DesignLancer team will take on your project and open up a whole new range of possibilities and this is how they do it...

We SELL Your Products

eCommerce or “Electronic Commerce” to be wordy, is just that, commerce.

It's sales, it's customers and it's business.

Just having the web presence, the facilities and the know doesn't make you sales, in fact, it won't make you anything.

Money makes the world go round?

No, people buying does and at DesignLancer, everything we do ever in regards to eCommerce is set up so that you have a solid foundation to get those buyers and retain them as customers for many years to come.

It's the little things like knowing how to push the hot sellers, knowing how to set everything up so your site looks trustworthy right from the get go and knowing what is going to work and what isn't.

This is the service we provide you.

Just like you find and offer solutions to your customers problems through expertise, experience and knowledge, we offer the same core values to you.

The DesignLancer team are better than well equipped to deal with any requirements you have and our hands on experience in dealing with eCommerce on different platforms, scales and industries is something you can seriously take advantage of.

Remember, good isn't good enough and that is a philosophy we practice as well as preach.

Ecommerce websites that are created to SELL, that's the name of the game and that's what we do.

Look & Feel Like The Authority

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

If you have not heard that before then it may suddenly strike a cord and make you realize exactly how the vast majority of customers think.

Are you in business because you enjoy being the best?

Are you in business because you enjoy helping your customers?

Are you in business because you know you can offer a better all round service than the vast majority?

Or are you in business because the niche you're in is particularly lucrative?

The answer CAN be the latter, no problems there.


If it is then you still need to project the image that you're in business because you are genuinely the best in your segment of the market.

To do this you need to convey authority.

From the moment a potential customer arrives at your site, they need to immediately know they've fallen into the right hands.

They want as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision and once that decision has been made, they want to buy from a reliable source.

This image is delivered through good old fashioned stylish design.

Looks are not as important as conversions but they're still very important.

If you're the kind of company that takes the time to construct their site well and make it look professional then you're probably the kind of company that pays that level of attention in other areas. Looking the part IS a big part of trading well online and clean, sleek eCommerce sites are built from the ground up at DesignLancer...

We Think Of You

Most businesses operate with a philosophy like “the customer comes first” and that is very true when you're designing an eCommerce site but we're not all about the customer here, we assess your needs as a business and design around you as much as anything else .

When eCommerce first came to the party, entrepreneurs from all walks of life suddenly had a go to way of making money.

Megastores, niche sites, bedroom operations and all sorts starting dipping their feet in the multi-billion pound industry and before we knew it, dozens of reliable eCommerce solutions were available.

Cubecart, ZenCart, Shopify, CS Cart, Wordpress – the list goes on and on (but we've named these as we believe them to be the best).

Prior to your project starting, our analysts will take a good look at everything from your niche, line of products, competition and your long term vision.

Only at this point can we decide which eCommerce platform will suit you best and the choice really comes down to what we like to call, integrated convenience.

Yes, each platform offers various advantages and disadvantages and some are much better suited to particular marketing strategies.

As an example, if you're going to invest in SEO then WordPress remains a favourite amongst the search engines and the amount you can do with scripts, plugins and customizations is phenomenal.

WordPress suits smaller shops more however and if you have a massive range of products then you might be better going elsewhere.

This is a combined decision we make with you to ensure that as many eCommerce management headaches can be removed before you launch.

It's not a conscious choice based entirely on marketing.

The ability to process orders easily, deal with enquiries and set everything up the way you want are also vital to consider but in those respects, most platforms are very good these days.

When you're happy, we're happy and that is the most important platform of all...

Classy eCommerce Descriptions

Underestimate the importance of quality product descriptions at your peril – they can make or break a sites success quite easily.

The amount of online shops that upload their entire catalogue of products and then copy and paste descriptions in from Amazon is unbelievable and if you didn't know any better, you might think this is okay practice.

It isn't for two reasons.

Firstly, the search engines value unique content, they value quality and they actively look for sites that are trying to provide their users with solid information.

Not so important if you're not planning on doing SEO? Wrong.

It would be naïve to think that users have not shopped around prior to getting to your website and the reason they have not bought yet is because nobody has been able to provide them with the information to make an informed buying decision.

Product descriptions are an asset.

If you have engaging content that speaks to the reader and delivers information and opinions on products they're interested in that others don't do elsewhere your conversions will sky rocket .

We're not suggesting that your unique, detailed and informative descriptions will miraculously sway everyone away from competitors because that's not going to happen.

What it will do is increase your conversions and with a 1% conversion rate being deemed as the “standard”, every percentage increment after that is serious business.

The DesignLancer team boasts several talented copywriters who are well rehearsed in writing to convert.

They know how to speak to the customer, how to speak to the search engines and how to get the most out of your product line.

Classy product descriptions are difficult to find but we have the capability to supply you in droves.

Hitting The Market

We briefly touched upon web marketing earlier and discussed in small detail how an eCommerce site can be developed for different web marketing strategies.

Here's the part where we talk about that in further detail...

You can have the best website in the world, the best products to match and a team of superstars ready to process orders but without traffic, nobody is going to be busy.

More to the point, nobody is making any money.

Many entrepreneurs commission eCommerce sites without a real plan attached and this is a big, big mistake.

The “If we build it, they will come” phase of the internet has well and truly passed and the only sites getting exposure are the ones that know how to get it.

There are a million and one ways to drive traffic to your site but understanding how you're going to do it before you start is paramount to success.

The beauty of the modern era is that customers are absolutely everywhere.

There is no excuse for not being able to collect your share of the market.

Most people have never heard of Asa Griggs Candler.

He was the founder of Coca-Cola.

Today that drink is everywhere.

Everywhere, it's sold in every country in the world as far as we know.

Can you imagine the struggle of marketing a drink on a global scale before the days of the internet?

The idea of pedalling that product with nothing more than a phone book is enough to make us tired.

Yet, years on, it's still going strong.

What do you think he would make of trying to find business in this era?

Or what would any of the great minds of eras gone by think for that matter?

Opportunity and plenty of it.

Talk to the DesignLancer team about taking that opportunity today and we'll build a web marketing strategy around your eCommerce site that will wipe the floor with your competition.

Sublime Support

As you can see from our website, providing you with as much valuable goodness as possible is what we're trying to achieve and that continues as a client.

Everything from payment processing to hosting can be discussed with us and we strive to leave no stone unturned.

Our experts speak technical jargon but we don't.

We talk a language that anyone can understand and with communication such an intricate part of building sustainable working relationships as well as successful projects, the added personal touches to everything we do make for a great working environment.

You can see this first hand by using our built in contact forms or emailing us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Your custom is valued at DesignLancer and we have every faith that your next project is something we'd very much like to be a winning part of...

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