Product development

With a new product on the horizon, plenty of excitement is in the air.

Ambitions grow, ideas spin and concepts slowly start to become reality but...

Throughout this entire process, every innovator needs as much help as they can get and that's exactly what the DesignLancer team are here to do.

Enlisting outside help can do everything from accelerating your lead time to market to ironing out potential flaws in your idea and anything in between.

When you're dealing with people close to you, emotions can get in the way of making better decisions and these emotions can be considered a strength as well as a weakness.

Sometimes emotion will be the catalyst, a driving force to be reckoned with.

Excitement, passion and in depth knowledge of your field will keep everything ticking along nicely.

On other occasions, basic principles and protocols of bringing a new product to market and although obvious in hindsight, they can be fatal at the time.

Utilizing a team that understand typical procedures in the Product Development arena has so many advantages and no real drawbacks – that in itself should be enough for you to consider this a necessity.

Sure, some have been successfully walking an entirely lonely path but how many others haven't because they have not had knowledgeable people at their disposal to offer input?

You always hear about the incredible success story but never the thousands that fall by the wayside each year (and many that fail have fantastic products) so why roll the dice when you can have top quality creative input as and when you need it?

The Initial Idea

For some it's a light bulb suddenly switching on in their heads and for others, it's a much longer process and they more stumble their way to a great idea than anything else.

Whichever way it happened for you, your idea is still incredibly raw at this stage and it will need some work.

Our key to success here is doing very thorough research and we aim to leave no stone unturned.

You think you've got an idea that will appeal to the masses but just how many is “the masses”?

What's the key demographic? What problem does our new product solve for them? Will the demographic have enough money to be able to afford our product?

What are the competition doing? Why are they successful? How are they marketing themselves? What USP's would we have to take them on?

If we're first to market, can we establish that the demand is there? Can we create demand through a successful advertising campaign?

What will the product cost to produce? Is it cost effective to create the product in this country? What sort of return on investment can we expect per sale?

These questions and a million and one (okay, not quite that many) have to be asked and conclusively answered and it's not because everything has to be known from day one, it's so that direction is there from day one and that direction is a huge money saver.

Business Analysis

If you think a lot of questions were asked during the ideas process, you have not seen anything yet as when it comes down to the nitty gritty stage of business analysis, everything has to be that massively more accurate.

It's at this stage where important factors like selling price, estimated sales volume based on what the competition are doing and the demand and how these numbers will be achieved need to not only be seriously considered but given a benchmark.

We'll help you understand the price you can expect to sell for, the amount of sales you can expect to see and the best marketing strategies to hit these numbers.

We're ready to assist in deeper stages of the business analysis phase too.

Testing the market, testing the product and ensuring that the correct technical implementation is in place to manage and operate successfully are all concluded.

The Making Money Phase

The Making Money Phase, the “commercialisation” chapter of Product Development. Probably the one you've been waiting for.

It's here that the DesignLancer team really come into a league of their own as they blend together a whole variety of resources to make a successful launch as hassle-free as possible.

Everything from copywriting, web design and marketing can be done by our team and our individuals knowledge in their chosen fields is second to none.

Together, they comprehend all aspects of what it takes to be successful in a fiercely competitive online marketplace and provide you with all the tools you need to attack.

Carefully creating a website that will convert, a message to your prospective buyers that will be music to their ears and an online advertising campaign that will see your key demographic arrive at your site is all it really takes to be a hit.

Of course it all sounds very simple on paper and the reality is much different but we're ready and waiting to put in the hours, do the legwork and think so that this very simple premise doesn't become a mystical creature that stands in the way of your new product and the hungry market.

Reverse engineering what the competition are doing and doing it better is just one of the methods we use to ensure results are equally as satisfying for you as they are for us.

When we work in the Product Development field, everything we do is done to contribute towards your understanding of the market.

The fact we deal with so many different industries who all have different wants, needs and ambitions allows us to quickly get on board with your product and understand its key areas of strength.

Of course you, the creator has an unrivalled level of knowledge but we're here to channel that knowledge into the best product for the end buyer and if you want to speak to us today about your concept with endless potential then our business analysts are on hand to start driving this worthwhile cause forward...

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