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When you first commission your website to be built, you're essentially commissioning the building of a blank canvas.

Like a blank canvas, it's a necessary tool if you're going to build a masterpiece.

The quality, the size and the structure of this “blank canvas” has a key role to play in your success.

It needs certain features and functions to allow you to achieve what you want to achieve.

But in many ways, it's no more than that.

The best blank canvas in the world does create outstanding works, the artist does and in web terms, the content creators are the artists.

They can paint pictures that provoke positive thoughts from the streams of onlookers


They can paint pictures that tell a story through nothing more than a few subtle hints.

They can create illusions, perceptions and ideas all with the flick of a brush.

Replace the brush in this analogy for a keyboard and you've got the idea.

Content writers, like artists, powerfully influence readers decisions.

A top quality writer will powerfully influence decisions in your favour.

A terrible one will do that exact opposite and boy, are there plenty of those around.

Your business needs to paint a picture to your customers.

You want to show them that you care about providing a solution.

You want to display your strengths in a way that makes them warm to you.

You want to show them that you're the experts in the industry and that choosing anyone other than yourselves will be a mistake.

Provoking all of the above is possible through nothing more than a few choice words. It's another area of web development that is seriously under appreciated.

(and we're not just saying that because we're the writing team).

Companies spend fortunes putting themselves in front of prospective buyers.

They always need more reach, more exposure, more traffic and more channels to display themselves but rarely do they sit back and think about simply converting more of their leads.

Almost every visitor your website gets should be targeted enough to stand a realistic chance of converting.

It will always be quality when it comes to leads, never quantity.

If you have the quality leads and you send them the right message through your content, YOU WILL MAKE SALES.

It's unavoidable.

When people read something that strikes a chord with them, they don't simply disappear and buy from someone else, they stay where they feel wanted.

When they've already browsed for a few minutes and found the rest a much of a muchness in terms of their message, they're immediately going to be impressed by a company that goes above and beyond.

What you say is as much about exploiting peoples natural reactions to quality information as it is about being persuasive.

Persuasion helps of course but at DesignLancer, we strive to create the kind of content that does the persuading before they've even read the persuading part.

Knowledge is power and demonstrating that knowledge is virtually all you need to see your conversions start to incline...

The beauty of content is that it can be used in dozens of ways to improve your brand image, sales, conversions and pretty much anything else!

Here are just some of the content services we have to offer...

  • Website Rewrites
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Content
  • Blog Content
  • eCommerce Descriptions
  • eMail Marketing Campaigns
  • Reports, Guides, Tutorials
  • Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages & Sales Funnels

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