Web Development

Web Development is unquestionably one of the most valuable investments a business can make in the vastly changing world that is the internet.

It's an investment that allows you to place yourself on a pedestal, a pedestal that's higher than your competitors.

You can use it to separate yourselves from the chasing pack through innovative features.

You can use it to provide your users an unrivalled level of enjoyment and convenience.

You can even use it to reduce overheads by automating more and more time consuming processes that don't need to be done “the old fashioned” way any more.

Web Development is a terrific way to develop a stronger, virtual bond with your customers and with endless possibilities in a quite literal sense, you have the ability to make superb changes in your industry that will deliver results for years to come.

Pragmatic Web Development For You

With the ability to work with almost any technology and a team of highly motivated, passionate web developers at our disposal creating solutions that will aid you and your business as you move forward comes naturally to us.

A lot of the time customized software is the answer and building scripts that automate painstakingly boring tasks is a sensible way to reduce your overheads.

Customized software really sees no boundaries so tasks that are currently time-consuming, expensive to manage or no longer a viable way to go about things in the modern era can all be tackled .

The knowledge our experts possess allows us to take an in depth look at your current set up and recommend areas that could be improved, automated and streamlined.

A key component to this assessment is to ensure that the solution you think you need is the solution that you actually need.

Many businesses have fallen into the trap of ordering something overly complicated or insufficient to their long term needs and this error of judgement can be a grave financial mistake as well as a real time waster.

With assurances delivered to you before the project starts, you know that DesignLancer are taking care of your best interests.

Three Months post project customer support is offered completely free of charge so that in the event of any rare functional errors existing on your website, we can help.

We're never more than a phone call or email away and any additional work that you may need doing to your existing Web Development projects can be done at additional cost at any time after your project is complete.

Galvanize, Energize & Excite

The need to outdo the competition is at an all time how. Gone are the days of being able to neglect potential sources of custom because one way was enough.

It's fierce out there.

And it's about to get tougher.

As the years tick on by, customers will become more adversed than ever to only choosing the best.

Big players in every industry continue to fall because others are offering the same products and services for similar prices but marketing themselves better.

They're providing more value to customers.

They're engaging customers.

And they're keeping customers because of it.

Remember the days where if you needed a new television, your choices would be your local electronics store or Comet?(This is a UK specific example by the way)

Now where would you go?

  • Tesco?
  • Amazon?
  • Asda?
  • Richer Sounds?
  • Ebay?

You could add another two dozen names to that list and these guys would still take the lions share of business.

Now, this is a highly competitive field.

But we're willing to hazard a guess that your field is equally as competitive in its own way.

You're probably not the only people selling what your selling let's put it that way.

You need to stand out from the crowd.

And there are plenty of things within web development that can help you do just that.

Personalized and customized solutions for your users is going to put you in a different league to your competitors.

Your website can have features that create more interaction, create more intrigue and with that, create a higher level of conversions.

In this particular section, who your customers are doesn't really matter.

Everyone is on the look out for the best.

The site that offers that little bit more than the others.

Whether that be through a nifty little feature that becomes the identity of your website or something as simple as a live chat support feature which makes them feel looked after is subjective but one thing is for sure, these improvements really pay.

This is your chance to offer real benefits to your users and if you have ideas you'd like to discuss then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Proper Experts Round The Clock

DesignLancer operates in a slightly different way to most businesses.

We don't have a huge office with huge overheads, we don't hand work to below par workers “just to get it done” and we don't have any constraints on our talent because we utilize the power and skills of the best freelancers in the world.

We pass those savings on to you and because we do this, many web development projects become even more worthwhile as the return on investment is that much higher.

Our team are fluent in :-

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Flex
  • Action Script
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • eCommerce
  • Facebook
  • iPhone Programming
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Google Android
  • Wordpress
  • Symfony
  • Magento

And we only ever deal with proper specialists.

Not people that “know a bit”.

Not people that started learning last month.

True practitioners who understand their craft.

The talent and experience that lies in our workforce could rival anything else out there and with several very happy customers already under our belt, contact us today and you'll be the next.

The Icing On The Cake

Let's be honest, the world of technology is not all fun and games.

In fact, a lot of the time it's one big headache.

A headache that we could honestly all live without.

And that's why at DesignLancer, both pre-project and post-project conveniences are there to keep you happy.

As with all our services, the ability to pay on a stage-by-stage basis is there.

We call it “Pay As You Go”.

Your project is broken down into three stages and only when you're happy with the work that's been done in the first three stages will you be invoiced for the next stage.

Once the project is complete, you'll have 10 full working days to let us know that everything is working the way you want it.

The final payment will then be due after these 10 days and if any changes need to be made before you're happy, now is the time to let us know as after that, additional changes are chargeable at our discretion.

Three Months Full Technical Support follows that and with a team that are around daily to deal with emails and Skype enquiries, rapid response is a certainty.

You'll also be given complete coding/redesigning rights with all of our development work so at DesignLancer, your project is truly YOUR project.

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