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Only the very best in Web Design is considered good enough at DesignLancer and we mean that in every sense of the word.

Any business without a fantastic looking website in the 21st century will be left behind and as more and more people look to the world wide web for solutions, having a good looking website is just the start.

The DesignLancer team are not only sublime designers but also pragmatic strategists who look at the bigger picture.

The more astute minded business people will understand the value of a website that does more than just look good and with various backend solutions on offer and a close eye on ensuring the highest level of response and conversion are built into the platform, you'll have everything you need to catapult your business forward.

The process of influencing a prospective buyer into choosing you ultimately starts an end with web design.

It's all about getting the right message across and before the customer has even read what you have to say, you want to install the idea of professionalism, convenience and expertise into their mind and that's exactly what a website can do.

Look at your competition now, how many of them are really conveying that image to their prospects?

Not many I'd imagine.

In fact, in many industries, websites that were built in the late nineties and early noughties are still be used.

Well, at least they have a web presence right?


The second somebody visits a website, any website, you can safely assume you have their attention for all of five seconds before they click the big red “X” in the top right hand corner of their screen.

When that happens, that's a customer lost, forever.

You can't argue with them, you can't persuade them, you can't lure them back to your sub par site in the hope they'll reconsider because your a nice bunch of people.

They don't care about that.

They want the best solution and if you don't look like the best solution because you can't offer them the level of convenience they require then you are done for.

The bottom line is, sometimes something is better than nothing.

This isn't one of those times.

If your website isn't already as important as your storefront, your office, your prices, your incredible customer service and anything else you consider a solid unique selling point then it's only a matter of time before it is.

The world is changing, fail to keep up with these changes and you'll be left for dead.

In the midst of a global recession, additional business is priceless.

And statistically, businesses who spend more on improvements during a recession are much better for it in the long run...


Because if you're improving and making moves to increase more business now, you'll end up with the lions share as we move out of recession.

Your competitors will of made cutbacks. They will of made compromises and they will of sacrificed future gains for short term wins.

You can clean up.

And here is how it's done at the DesignLancer team.

Built For You

Any business that aims to use their website as a tool of destruction needs easy, manageable solutions.

A lot of the time businesses will spend thousands on websites that they can't update or maintain and that means that from day one, they find themselves behind the eight ball.

At DesignLancer we offer several manageable solutions which we openly discuss with you and recommend to you based on your businesses needs.

Websites need backend systems that can handle the demands of their day to day operations and with experts available in everything from CMS custom development to eCommerce solutions, we're bound to be able to find the perfect fit for your business.

Accessibility for administrators within your company is a serious luxury that many unnecessarily live without.

A small learning curve will be involved for some who lack experience in anything and everything web based but overcoming this little step allows you more control, more say and more avenues to display your companies strengths.

Our current backend systems include but are not limited too :- We also build custom made scripts and CMS

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Custom CMS Development
  • HTML
  • Shopify
  • CubeCart
  • ZenCart
  • CS Cart

All of the above have different advantages and disadvantages but when all is said and done, the DesignLancer team will ensure you're operating with the best system to move you forward.

We can customize, optimise and supervise any changes or specific requirements you have so that your website does exactly what YOU need it to.

For The Customer

Once the Web Design team has established your motives and needs to operate at full steam, attention will then turn to making the customers experience as pleasant as possible and we do that through nifty design and understanding what they want.

It should go without saying that your new website will be slick, fast and attractive.

Building sluggish, ugly websites is just not something we do and from the moment we start work on your project, we work towards delivering the flair and style your company wants to project.

Correlating our design with your branding is at the forefront of making this happen and for that reason, colour is incredibly important.

Colour is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice and we use colour scheme to enhance the appearance of your site and also display your businesses personality.

Colour also contributes significantly towards the cleanliness and how user friendly it is.

Joining nice, bright colours together where applicable gives the site a fresh feel and avoids the illusion of clutter.

Avoiding the “cluttered feel” is something every website has to do as the moment you present your prospects with too much information, even if the information is good, a sense of overwhelming can lead to the loss of sale.

Pessimistic yes, but true none the less.

Once the key decision of colour has been made it's on to layout and this is where your input is incredibly valuable.

The layout of the site has to be concise so that users can easily find the information/products they're looking for.

When it comes to layout, we typically try to design with an emphasis in displaying the information that is most likely to generate sales first.

If you're selling products then your best sellers will want to be on display and if you're selling services then the reasons why you're the best at what you do should be amongst the first things people see.

The rest of the site can be built around these factors as simply put, anything that isn't going to convert traffic into sales is just a small detail.

With the layout and colour scheme finished we then have a template to then build anything else your website may need to impress.

In this regard, every website is different.

A valuable feature for us may not be a valuable feature for you and vice versa.

The additional add ons if you like are created to make the experience more fluent (although it also helps to have extras that the competition don't).

What we're really going for is that word response again.

We want visitors clicking, we want them reading, we want them to hit “BUY” button.

Beautiful design plays just a small part in that, as does colour, as does layout but these intricate details combined turn into a traffic converting machine.

Built For Convenience

An undervalued advantage of having a website is the fact that it can streamline monotonous, usually boring tasks like order processing, simple enquiries, payment processing and so on.

Now, we're moving slightly away from web design here and slowly venturing into the web development world but if you let the DesignLancer team know of potential time-saving jobs that the website could do for you then we'll no doubt be able to find a solution.

Processing orders manually, sending out invoices and dealing with enquiries that could be answered with a simple FAQ page are all things that can be automated and our clever web design team have the skills to not only ensure your website earns for you, but also works for you as well.

Most web designers will look to satisfy just one entity and that's you.

So long as you, the entity paying the invoice is happy they don't have to worry about much else.

At DesignLancer we look to build websites that solve problems for everyone who encounters them.

You, your employees and your customers deserve a system that relieves them of some hassles and you can bet your last shilling that our inspired team will do just that.

Website Design enquiries of any size are welcomed and to speak to one of our experts visit the Contact Us section now!

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